How Weight Training Has Empowerment My Life And Business

Do you sit and daydream about your future, what it would be like to achieve your goal?

It takes a lot of hard work, preparation, determination and a little craziness to get what you want sometimes…but it is so worth the effort and dedication you put in for the end result!

Screen shot 2011-01-21 at 7.53.44 PM

I made the decision to learn all about changing my physique and get it into the best possible shape I could.

I had to change my lifestyle!

Not thinking about what I was eating to understanding everything I was eating, when, proportions, timing it all became my focus.

Going to the gym and not just fluffing around, having set targets, techniques, rest days and a whole variety of other tweaks here and there.

When I made this COMMITMENT it felt a little overwhelming to begin with but I got used to it, I found my rhythm, I was learning something new everyday about myself, my family and friends…and slowly I realized I could achieve my goal one training session at a time. One meal at a time. Supportive friends to say ‘don’t give up now you are SO close’

As you can see I made it onto the stage and the journey had so many ups and downs!


The lessons learned by myself, my two children, my friends are simply priceless!

My kids have a great strength to know they can do whatever they set out to achieve! Have a healthy fit lifestyle with what they also learned about nutrition and exercise.

My friends saw the effort I put into accomplishing my goals and they also realized if they did the same for themselves they could achieve anything.

The best thing of all…We all observed how the right people around you who support you, can boost you into the stratosphere and achieve your desires.

I wanted to share this with you so that you know that you are not alone in what you want to achieve! Like minded, supportive, inspiring people are out there all over the place and you will meet them in the strangest places, and that is the best thing about life and your journey!

This is one of the systems I use to continue creating and achieving my goals and dreams. If you are looking to make change and be around like minded people in business, follow this link or click on the tab below to find out how I surround myself with like minded people in business.

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