An Appetizing Book About Delicioulsy Scrumptious Recipes With Added Bonuses

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There are many books on diets out there and they have some wonderful recipes in them, healthy and nourishing with some delicious ingredients.

Mouth watering combinations of ingredients with herbs and spices to boost the intensity of flavor and aroma…mmmm

But what I like most about this book is…


Multiple recipes with the same ingredients!

I love the way you can search through the pages and find a variety of recipes with similar ingredients with a variety of tastes.

I am not a person who enjoys cooking or cooking with a million ingredients – you know what I mean, when the list of ingredients is greater than the directions…

So I have been looking for someone, and Sarah Wilson seems to be that person, who uses core ingredients that thread through your daily menu.


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I found when reading this book there were a couple of added



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1. I take SUGAR OUT of my food.

2. It is not going to be a mission at the supermarket for all the ingredients.

3. I can use many of the ingredients to cover a lot of the recipes.

4. The whole family love the different foods served from the book.

5. We are getting healthier without feeling deprived of any treats.



If your like me and have a family to feed, work to go to, a house to keep and a list of priorities to attend to and want a healthy nutritious meal plan that is simple and easy. Take a look at this book!

To live a balanced life you need to eat a balanced menu and not skip on the nutritious delights that are all around us without having to turn to processed packaged “food” that are beautifully presented to us through attractive marketing and packaging.

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I shared this beautiful, value packed book because I want to help as many people as possible to live a balanced, well nourished life in mind body and spirit as possible!
The best possible way I know how to do this is through the system described below. If you are looking to share your Ideas, Skills, Talents, Passions with the world this Simple 3 Step System is something you need to be immersing yourself in.Thanks for stopping by to read my blog and celebrating Living Life Balanced

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