Hootsuite Has Found Branded Hashtags To Have Proven An Increased Website Referral Rate By 185%

Branded Hashtags Proved To Increase Website Referral Rate By 185%

If something so simple as a Branded Hashtag can improve referal rates by 185% you would want to hear about it and adjust it to your business right!

Tourism Jasper has done just that and used Branded Hashtags #MyJasper to increase its website and shareholders referrals as stated below!


“To date, Tourism Jasper has collected 12,000 inspirational, customer-generated stories by monitoring and encouraging #MyJasper use through Hootsuite. Since using social media and tying these experiences back to the tourism body, Tourism Jasper has seen 185% increase in website referrals and 211% increase in shareholder referrals.”…“A woman tweeted #MyJasper, asking if we could send her a picture of a local mountain,” shares Kyle Harms, Digital Marketing Specialist at Tourism Jasper. “After we responded with an image, soon after the woman tweeted back a photo of her son’s nursery where she’d painted the mountain, to remind her of the place that is near to her heart and share it with her son… read more

Do you have an Internet based business for Branded Hashtag promotion?

No! I want to know more!

Using Hootesuit and its varied communication capabilities you will be able to do the same as Tourism Jasper to encourage greater referrals and increased awareness of your business. Already finding success with #MyJasper you can follow the steps already proven to gain greater results in your business.


Social media products such as Hootesuite and your Viral Blogging System will benefit your business! Assisting your home based or traditional businesses alike.

The Viral blogging System is what I use to share Tips, Hints, Ideas, and Stories about Business, Health, Fitness and Life Balance. If you want to share from your passion or wealth of knowledge and make money from it at the same time…

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