How Gym Training And Your Passion Can Make You Cash

First day back into my gym training and


I love going to the gym and training hard with heavy weights, light weights, including cardio or making the weights my cardio session. I really don’t mind what it is as long as I can get a session in the gym!

I say first day back because over a year ago I damaged my back and could not move for days, the doctor told me to ‘suck it up and lay down for 4 days! No exercise!’

That felt extremely uncomfortable for me! If your not as enthusiastic about your training as I like to be, imagine not being able to do you Favourite thing in the world for days and weeks on end…kinda getting my drift now…It’s not nice!

Anyway I have slowly moved back into exercise again…YAY This little experience lead me along a path I didn’t expect and that is one of personal growth and finding an opportunity that allows me to do what I love and get paid for it!

An inspiration to me was Christina Munoz, here is her amazing story it has certainly helped me keep going!   

Are you challenged with injury, illness, too many work hours and not enough family time?

If this has inspired to find out more and take your future into your own hands Click Here to find out how to get started.

I am now growing and changing personally and financially in amazing ways and my family loves it.  I’m enjoying time at home with the family, and doing the things I love to do, immersing myself in health and fitness and sharing it with others to help people like you find your life balance…whatever that might be.

For details on how to change your life you need to Click Here, and when you see another page put your email in the place provided.


Decide Believe Act Achieve



Have a fabulous day!



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