Create Your Ideal Day

What does Your Ideal Day look like

There are so many kinds ‘Ideal Days’ from major events to and ideal work day at home or in an office or if your studying – research day. If you plan it out in advance your success rate will increase in achieving all you prepare yourself to do.

This sets you up for achieving all the important tasks you need to take care of. It increases the amount of quality action you will take to move forward in your business stopping you from becoming idle.

Putting your Day on Paper

Set aside an hour and block out all your distractions including the phone. Use a pen and paper think about all the things you do in a day. Brainstorm to get everything out e.g. meals, reading, work, playtime, fitness, health, appointments, education/mindset and really they are just the basics.

What do you want to ultimatly achieve?

  • Fire your boss and work from home
  • Wedding to go as planned
  • Be the best in your sport

We tend to pack a lot into the day!

Feed your subconscious mind with what you want your ideal day to look like. Start with the moment you wake up finish with the moment you go to sleep.

Having your ideal day planned can make a huge difference to how much you accomplish. Once you are happy with your day make sure to sit down once a week to make sure you are on track with your ideal.

Read it allowed or listen to your recording and talk along with it. Use emotion and enthusiasm as you speak, this makes it more real to your subconscious mind and helps put your desires into motion, manifesting what your focusing on!

As time passes commitments, intensions and important details will change and so your day. Change is a wonderful, and a great opportunity to renew your ‘Ideal Day’. About the three month mark is a perfect time to update your daily actions, although you will know when it is time for a review.

So lets recap…

  • ·         Get a piece of paper and pen to write everything down
  • ·         So set aside an hour of quiet uninterupted time to concentrate
  • ·         Read it with emotion and enthusiasm at least once a week
  • ·         Review your day after about three months or when you feel the need
  • ·         Enjoy the benefits of manifesting your ‘Ideal Day’  


Put your life into action now and experience more than you ever thought you could.

Decide Believe Act Achieve



Have a fabulous day!



Elizabeth Hardy

Facebook: Elizabeth Hardy my karizmafitlife


P.S. Learn more about how to fire your boss and really create your OWN IDEAL DAY


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