Change your Belief System and see how it can work for you!

‘It is not the thing believed in but the belief in your own mind that brings about the result’.

Dr Joseph Murphy

Believe in YOURSELF…

I have been thinking for years about how to think positively and make it work for me. Asking myself if the wording I am using is correct or if the thing I desire will come about. This lead to a negative thinking pattern but I didn’t realise it.

I didn’t believe in myself enough to go for it, there was complete Lack of belief.


There were negative thoughts or comments about how ‘they are doing really but they haven’t had to deal with what I am dealing with’ that I look at now and realize how negative I was being.

Just recently I read the quote above and it changed everything for me.

I realised my focus was completely in the wrong place!

‘If I am focusing on the ‘maybe’ it will work’…Wrong…it isn’t going to happen because I don’t have the belief in myself and my subconscious mind.

‘If I am focused on the object or outcome…’ Wrong…it isn’t going to work because I haven’t engaged a belief in my subconscious mind that journey that happens to receive the object or outcome I desire.

I realised…

‘It is not the thing believed in…’

I recognise now that the belief has to come from within. The desire that has been created, came from within, so now it is within myself that I focus and know that what I desire I shall have.

To have, I shall believe that I will attract all the components that will make my desire a reality. 

‘…but the belief in your own mind that brings about the result’.

Now when I have an idea, goal or the beginnings of a desire, I work out exactly what it is that I want to manifest. Then I look to my inner wealth of knowledge that is the subconscious mind, tell it what I want and get out of its way to manifest what I need to evolve my desire to reality.

This transformation in my thinking has now seen my bank balance grow (as it wasn’t exactly in the black much of the time) a new car (as the one I had was overdue to retire) and employment that will work in with my family and building an income from home.

If you are ready for change like I was Join Me to Create Your Change.


Decide Believe Act Achieve



Have a fabulous day!




Elizabeth Hardy

Facebook: Elizabeth Hardy my karizmafitlife


P.S. Home based business are amazing with a community that gets together and helps everyone succeed!

Join me and the team to see how we work together to see how we make it happen!



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