Why Protein Shakes?


Protein For Balance


In a balanced diet we use protein to encourage growth of the muscle, hormone manufacture, enzymes, immune system components and a range of other structural benefits to the body.


If your lifestyle is very active you need to keep the muscles fed, or if you’re into the gym and doing resistance training of any kind, it is also important to ensure your body gets protein into the system quickly to aid recovery.


Undoubtedly one of the best ways to incorporate protein into your daily menu is to use solid foods including beef, chicken, lean pork, turkey, fish and tofu.


However, shakes are perfect for recovery and healing the muscle, not to mention they are light on the stomach as you don’t always feel like a meal after exercise.


Due to busy lifestyles and lack of easy access to preparing food having a shake straight after a heavy or intense workout is a great, the fast digestion of the protein in the drink re-feeds your muscles and starts the healing process of the muscle.


If you’re training for fitness and to enjoy a healthy life style 15-30g works well, if you’re more the bodybuilder or athlete and looking to increase muscle size and strength 30-45g will work well.


All you have to do is get yourself a shaker and protein powder, place the recommended serving in the shaker and when you have finished your workout simply add water and consume.


Now days there are an assortment of flavors, blends and sources of protein to suit anyone’s preference from whey, rice, soy and vegan based varieties; if you’re into cooking there are also some great recipes for boosting protein in snacks and meals.


Easy Protein Pancakes


1 scoop Protein Powder

2 eggs

Fruit of choice (banana, mixed berries)

Mash the fruit in a mixing bowl, add two beaten eggs and mix well then add scoop of protein powder mixing well.

Use non-stick cooking oil if you don’t have a non-stick pan

Makes 3 thick pancakes!


Chia Chia Green Protein Smoothie


1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

1 Tbsp Chia eeds

1 Cup spinach

1 Cup almond milk

1 Banana



These are to give you some idea of what you can do with your protein. Have a look through the internet to get some more great ideas or create your own recipes.


Happy training and don’t forget to feed your body what it needs!


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