How Friends Have Impacted My Life

Are you someone that has many friends around you or are you like me and only have a few?

It occurred to me that some of us have few friends and others have many…


Over the years I have felt that I have only had a few friends at any given time and the people I would call my true friends that I could just rock up onto their door steps and land, equals about the same…3 maybe 4

I have met many people along my journey and so many have taught me a lot about myself and people in general…

I now understand what my journey has been with the people I have met and the ones that have been close enough to me to be able to call a friend…

I look back now and see that

…some ‘friends’ thought they were close to me but never actually knew how I worked…

…some ‘friends’ thought that at me instead of with me was something I would hold my loyalty too…

…some ‘friends’ felt that we were soul mates only to find that they could not share their love and inspiration with me in time of need like Icould with them…

But now when I look back and see The Few Beautiful Shining Stars that have crossed my path and shown me their worth through

a smile,

a hug,

a plane flight,

a word,

a handkerchief,

an hysterical laughing fit,

a home truth,

a lesson,

a feeling,

a connection,

a green tea,

a chai (on soy of course)

an affirmation,

a change of perspective…

Has created my story, my journey for without them I would have been very lonely and not endured many lesson learning heartaches or nearlyIMG_2148 wet my pants laughing with.


…the few friends that I carry in my heart, know that my loyalty for them is given in a heartbeat, because they have loved me, steadied me and endured with me. And I will wholeheartedly give them the unconditional love they freely given me!


So whether you have many friends or a just few, remember that they are special and need to be nurtured just like you!



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