Have You Heard Of The Game Of Life! Here Is A Great Play Book!


I love alternative healing, crystals, meditation you name it. The calming effects are great in this busy world and we often forget the basics of our humanity for the pressures of making a living and keeping up with the Jones’s

But when I was given this book (because I kept saying ‘yes, yes I’ll get it’…well I took too long in getting it so my dear friend gifted it to me) it changed a lot for me. As it was written in very simple terms and really quite a ‘this is how it is’ manner.

I’m referring to the book…

Florence Scovel Shinn

It has had a great effect on how I think and how my perspective can be changed to improve the way I see and feel about any give situation; and how to takeFNSHinnpositive, forward motion to a favorable and Divine outcome.

What is also wonderful about this complete work is that it has a plethora of wonderful affirmations that you can use along with many simple explanations of how to apply them to your true path. Ranging from Success and Happiness to Forgiveness and Wisdom the words are simple and effective, you quietly read them choose the ones that resonate most with you and say them out loud or softly to yourself but believe in and put into motion what you are affirming and allow the Divine to take care of the rest.

When first seeking to use Spiritual Law and immerse yourself on your true path it can be a little confusing with the all the information out there now on the internet and the many watered down variations of any theme. This book however is clearly set out and easy to follow without any fussiness around any themes.

When you decide to delve into this work I am sure you will be delighted at its ease to read as well as its layout for quick referencing when needed.

I am very grateful to my friend for gifting me this book and we discuss it regularly, how we are useing it and how it has helped us in many ways. When you read this book and would like to let me know about any successes or something your not sure of, please leave a comment or follow me on social media. We can work together on improving our Soul purpose together!



Here is a PDF of The Game Of Life By Florence Scovel Shinn

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