Simple And Easy To Use Tool For Creating Your Own Images

If you have design skills or not, this program makes creating your own special images, posts, banners etc so simple and easy to do!
  1. Canva

    I am so excited to have been introduced to this program, I really enjoy designing things and being creative. It’s another side to my passion of Living my Life Balance.

    This program allows you to quickly and easily create your own images for any social media and they are creating new designs all the time to assist your creativity!

    I love putting together my own images when I have the time for my blog, facebook, instagram, google+ you name it! However it can be time consuming…This speeds up the whole process, and keeps the image professional looking.

    Here is the link to Canva to kick start your creativity.

    Click Here to Learn More About Canva

    Screen shot 2015-01-16 at 11.40.49 AM

  2. Tutorials

    Just one of the impressive tools on Canva, these tutorials provide lessons and challenges to get you started. Hints and tips are also included in different tutorials to assist your blossoming creativity.

    All these images came from creation in Canva, This is how I will be creating many of my images from now on to post here on my blog to express my Live Life Balance philosophy, as well as social media!

    Let me know in the comment below if you have tried Canva and enjoyed it!


    Untitled design

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