Lesson I Learned From My Daughter

This is a little different from the normal, more personal really but I am sure some mums and dads would have had a moment like this in the middle of a crazy point in time.

A light bulb moment if you like that brings us back to Balance

You know you have a gem when, your own emotions get carried away with you and your daughter says “it’s all good mum…what did you say”


All you have to do is chill out!
Stop and take a deep breath!
Listen to what the world is saying!
The opportunities, love, gratitude, resilience, forgiveness, compassion…
It’s what you do to correct a situation!
It’s how you go about achieving the solution!
It’s about being in the moment and not getting carried away!
It’s about the verb “Love”
It is about what you can do for others!
To build, encourage, laugh with, share with, uplift, inspire, motivate, teach, invigorate…
It’s about yourself!
To love, encourage, cheer on, improve, aspire to, laugh at, laugh with, inspire, take risks, learn, embrace, give, live, cherish, be passionate!

All because I was over emotional and my daughter was brave enough to tell me it didn’t really matter with a smile on her face, tears in her eyes and unconditional love for her mum.

Thanks Baby girl you make the world a better place!

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