How Empower Network Has Transforming My Life

I want to share some of my story because it doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you’re at in life, you can always make a change!
Internally I had to make change because I was talking myself down and depression was taking hold of me.


I left a job I liked to get more hours in another job that I hated, to then hurt my back and get the sack from the new job.
I wasn’t doing any personal development, I felt like I had lost my own internal power and was being controlled by my circle of concern.

Needless to say I was slowly dying on the inside and watching my kids wonder what was happening to me. I knew something had to give and I wanted to be there for my kids instead of the other way around.

I had no money coming in and was heading further into debt by the day, (I didn’t have a huge debt as I had made sure to not use credit cards), and my two kids where now starting to show signs of major stress.

Really not a great place to be in!

I have learned many things through Empower Network. Never Give Up being one of them and realizing that I have Never Failed! made a few mistakes maybe but Never Failed. This was pretty much ground breaking for me, I have achieved many things in my life but I could not see them as successes. Now with anything that I do or my kids do together we see all the success we have. No matter how big or small.

Listening to David Wood and tapping into all that he puts out for us (The Empower Network), the people that have joined him to create the network, all those I have listened to have taught me something and I thank them all!

Lisa Devereaux, my sponsor has also been an amazing help to me, emails, tips in Facebook, a phone call here and there. She has been so patient and in doing so, without her really realizing it, has shown me how to look after my team as I grow. How to give without expecting anything!

Life is getting better every day, I have many personal breakthroughs and thoroughly enjoy being with such an amazing community of humans that just want to help!

I feel very empowered to have crossed the path of such amazing people such a welcoming community, that will embrace you for being you.

The Inner Circle keeps you inspired with tremendous amounts of value, provides a great sense of knowing the Empower community and expanding your knowledge on anything to do with Network Marketing through to Personal Growth.

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