Something about me, A Behind The Scenes Look

Behind The Scenes Of Where I Am Now

I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, I mean really can you argue with that beach? there are no filters on that image that is just on of the spectacular sunsets that we get here regularly. It is so peaceful to go down to the beach in the evenings and watch the colors change, hear the animals heading to bed and feel the atmosphere change from bright and energetic to sleepy, cool and mesmerizing. It is a great time for meditation and inspiration for me. I feel really recharged after sitting there for a little while.



When I get the opportunity, I really enjoy drawing and photography, I don’t really have any drawing style as such. I just pick up some materials – graphite pencil, soft pastels whatever is around and some paper and away I go. My kids love when I draw something fantasy, my mum loves the flowers and well I’m happy if I can recognize what I am drawing lol.

IMG_0046                                         IMG_2569

 The home I live in with everyone is over 100 years old and this is the view from the balconyKind of stunning don’t you think!…We are house sitting indefinitely for friends and absolutely relish every day that we are here. I am able to do so many creative and active things here it is incredible. I am Thankful every morning I wake up and walk. Access to this amazing river is only meters away. I get to stand up paddle, ski with the kids and friends, ride motorbikes around the paddocks, have chickens lay fresh eggs and so many more things.

This is just the greatest lifestyle that I want to keep, and to do so I am going to do whatever it takes to make it.

My passions are all about fitness, health and creating a balanced lifestyle.

I want to share with you what I know and how others create their own balance and harmony with all the pressures of daily life. The less pressure and more balance we have the better all our lives together will be.


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