Commitment For Success in Three Simple Steps!


– The act of committing or the state of being committed.

• dedication; application: Empower Network’s commitment to quality is impeccable.

• a pledge or undertaking: I can make the commitment to blog daily.

• an act of pledging or setting aside something: there must be a major commitment of words and action.


Think about the a time when you made a decision to do something like start that business, lose weight, compete in a sporting event, buy that house…


When you made that Commitment to carry out the steps to be successful, how did you feel? Was your energy high? Did you do everything you could to ensure that ‘IT’ was going to happen?


I know I did…


I am very much into health and fitness and decided to compete in a Body Building competition. It is a very big Commitment to do so and takes time to get into peak condition. One day at a time, one training session at a time, one meal at a time and one good night’s sleep at a time!


It takes doing all the little things to create the outcome!


Are you COMMITED to doing all the little things in your business to create




Just like the preparation for my competition, building the home based business takes preparation. First you need to hold onto the emotion you felt, the energy you had and the desire for success close.


STEP 1            STUDY something you need to learn,

Dedicate some time to learning something new, knowledge is no burdon to carry especialy in your own business.

STEP 2            DO what it is you are learning about,

Now you have more knowledge on the subject apply it to your business, take action on what it is you have learned and get results.

STEP 3            TEACH others what you have learnt through your blog!

Now share your results, give the value you have found in what you have learned to others, anything positive, helpful, informative will find someone who is looking for your experience.

Complete these three steps simultaneously, just like my Body Building when you apply all three actions concurrently the result can only mean SUCCESS!


YES it will take your time, YES there is a learning curve and YES you do have to take action yourself! Here is a great place to start…However the rewards will be amazing!


So every time you write your blog feel the passion you had in you when you mad your commitment to blogging. Everyday know you are that next step closer to creating Your Success!

Haven’t got a blog?

That’s easily fixed to find out more here’s how to get your very own Blog Now


Decide Believe Act Achieve



Have a fabulous day!




Facebook: Elizabeth Hardy my karizmafitlife


Skype: elizabethhardy1

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