How Fear Can Be Your Ally

Have you ever felt like putting things off till another day, not picking up the phone to make that call just in case…, or it’s not the right time too…, it happens to everyone at one time or another.

What makes the different between letting that fear hold you back and the other person go forward?…Taking that Action.

Saying to yourself – No! I will do this task now and not put it off. Think what could be the worst thing to happen – (if it’s not death,  illegal, or harmful in anyway to yourself or others) it really can’t be that bad!

Someone saying No Thanks – really not that bad…                                                                           calling that person and they actually listen – really not that bad…

Not doing it and you see your idea making someone else $$$ is much worse than hearing that someone say No Thanks don’t you think.

One way to get over that fear you have is to face it head on and work out what tasks have to be completed to get to your goal, to make happen what you feel fear about.

Another way to Look at Fear

F – aulse

1. Contrary to fact or truth 2. Deliberately untrue 3. Arising from mistaken ideas  4. Intentionally deceptive 5. Not keeping faith

E – expectation

1. The act of expecting. 2. Eager anticipation 3. The state of being expected. 4.Something expected 5. expectations Prospects, especially of success or gain.

A – ppearing

1. To become visible 2. To come into existence 3. To seem or look to be       4. To seem likely

R – eal

1.Being or occurring in fact or actuality 2. True and actual; not imaginary, alleged, or ideal 3. Genuine and authentic 4. Free of pretense, falsehood, or affectation

The only real thing to fear itself

It can paralyze, indulge itself in procrastination and prevent you from fulfilling you great potential.

Have a listen to Scott Zlateff talk about fear and how you can use it to your advantage and really succeed with what you want to do by tweaking that fear.



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