How To Train Your Mind Week 1| How To Train Your Mind With Simple Daily Exercises Week 1

Out With The Old


Week One


To be able to achieve our goals and focus on the things we want in life we need to take action with our mind as well as with our bodies or we simply drift and never really achieve all that we desire.


When we have recognize and take ownership of our limiting patterns, implementing new beliefs and thoughts will build mental toughness, and create an undeniable focus for success.


I have recorded each days exercise for you to follow and if you need to go back over a particular topic it is right here ready for you to watch again.


Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become,


Keep your words positive because your words become,


Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes,


Keep your habits positive because your values become,


~Mahatma Ganhdi


Day 1

Be aware of your thoughts.

Day 2

Your thoughts are affecting you now.

Day 3

Accept and Acknowledge your Beliefs are affecting you.

Day 4

You choose your own thoughts.

Day 5

You can change your thoughts and do it now.

Day 6

You are in control over your own destiny.

Day 7

I choose!




If you have any questions feel free to leave it in the comments.


Here or on facebook!


I would love to hear about your progress, breakthroughs or any

positive vibes you can add to yours and others success!


Follow me now to Week 2


Decide Act Achieve

2 thoughts on “How To Train Your Mind Week 1| How To Train Your Mind With Simple Daily Exercises Week 1

  1. What an absolutely AMAZING post AND Video Series!

    Did you think about doing it as a series? These are such great videos…and lessons…and packed with so much wonderful stuff…

    Thanks So Much!


    1. Thank you, I’m so pleased you go a lot out of them Cate
      I will be doing a six week series of videos and posting 7 days/exercises to each post.

      The next post is nearly finished to get posted.


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